This is something I’ve done using kismet in UDK a couple years ago. The idea never really left my brain, and now I think it would be great to utilize in Virtual Reality applications. Here’s what it is:

I’ve created a real time realistic wind blueprint for Unreal Engine 4 to simulate the sound of wind traveling over the player’s ears. Wind sounds are completely binaural and adaptive, depending on the source of the wind and the rotation of the player’s head.

Things such as the direction of the wind source, the amount of variation in random wind shifts, frequency of gusts, and overall wind intensity are easily editable by the user.

I feel like a VR experience would be all the more immersive with an addition like this. You hear wind in games, but it’s always disconnected from yourself. This will bring the player right into the elements, adding a layer of immersion you might not know you were missing.

Here’s a video of it in action: